Here for all of Your Homeschool Needs

Private / Hybrid Homeschool

Classes are taught from a Biblical worldview with a focus on education and a love for learning. Small class sizes, tailored to the child’s ability, struggling learners to gifted. Private school or hybrid homeschool options available.

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Groups & Clubs

Get together with like-minded friends in an educational atmosphere. Most groups and clubs are student-led and cover all ages. Many to choose from such as Bible Club, Art Club, Science Club, Student Eagle, Speech Club, Aquarium Club, Fiber Arts,  Game Time Unplugged, and more.

Groups and Clubs are volunteer run, parents are responsible for their own children while in the building for these events.

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brain training

Our Brain Training program helps to boost your student’s learning abilities. If your child is bored, frustrated, or discouraged with school, this could be the solution you’ve been searching for.  

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Parent workshop

Learn a wide variety of topics from experts in their fields relating to homeschooling and family.

There is a Homeschool 101 workshop most months for those just starting out.


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Homeschool Resource Center Calendar

Check our Calendar for upcoming workshops, groups, registration deadlines, and more.

Homeschool Resource Center

Annual Membership

An AliYah Academy Umbrella Membership is required to be a member at the AliYah Academy Resource Center. This allows you to have an account with us for record keeping and payments. It also fulfills your legal obligation to homeschool with the state and gives you access to our online resources and services.

AliYah Academy Resource Center annual fee:

  • $80 for a family of up to 2 children
  • $100 for a family of 3 or more children

This gives you access to all the events including the pretty cool clubs and groups such as Art Club, Science Club, Bible Club, Aquarium Club, Fiber Arts (crochet, knit, sewing etc.) Game Time Unplugged, Speech Club, Student Eagle, Hebrew Class and more.

**Volunteer opportunities available to offset membership fee.

*There may be a small material fee for some clubs.

Right now we are running a special if you Enroll/ Re-enroll with the AliYah Academy Umbrella for the 2023-24 school year before June 1 you can join the Resource Center for $50 per family! Just come in and we will add it to your account.

Also includes access to the private Band app to receive Resource Center updates and communication.

AliYah Academy Umbrella registration can be completely online.

Please come in to register for the Resource Center.

Open House & Parent Workshops are open to the public and do not require membership.
Brain Training is also open to the public and is not exclusive to homeschoolers.

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AliYah Academy Umbrella School


About AliYah Academy

The AliYah Academy Homeschool Resource Center is affiliated with the umbrella school AliYah Academy and the fellowship Yisrael Yachad. The Resource Center was established to serve families in the community and to provide support and education about homeschooling. Yearly registration with AliYah Academy umbrella school and a membership to the Resource Center is required to sign up for Hybrid classes, groups, and clubs. Brain training, parent workshops and other open house events are open to the public and do not require membership. Brain Training has separate fees.

We are non-denominational and do not discriminate against any person, however you can expect that any event or class at the Resource Center will be in line with a biblically Judeo-Christian worldview.

We are here to support the family unit and help you in the education of your child.

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