Private & Hybrid Homeschool Classes

  • Classes are always from a Biblical worldview.
  • We are Bible-based, non-denominational.
  • The focus is on education and a love for learning.
  • Goals for our students are academic growth and accomplishment.
  • Advancement is based on a combination of ability and age.
  • Individual evaluations are used to determine advancement.
  • We do not rely on tests only, they are used as a tool to help evaluate.

Classes run August-May, Monday-Thursday between 9 am-3 pm.

The exact days and times vary by class.

Come into the school to register for classes.

Visit the Tuition page for prices

Tuition Page

Elementary/ Foundations 

Classes 5 hours a day/ 2 days a week

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  Middle School

        Classes 5 hours a day/ 2 days a week

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High School

9th-12th Grade

Many High School classes are available

Dual Enrollment, in-person classes through Bryan College also available for 11th and 12th grades

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What is a Pod Class?

Pod School  – A small group of students whose tuition pays a teacher’s salary. This can be a drop-off situation 2 or more days a week. Less expensive than personal tutoring as the group shares the cost. Families are still considered homeschoolers directing their child’s education. Also known as tutorials, hybrid homeschooling, or cottage school. These are different than co-ops as they don’t require parental involvement in the classroom and have a hired teacher.