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Art Club

Crafts Club is a fun way for students ages 11 and under to learn about making a wide variety of craft activities. The activities are easy and fun. Craft Studio aims for students to have a great time together while doing crafts.

Art Studio allows students ages 12 and up to fellowship with other artists in a more relaxed and informal setting to share ideas, discuss inspiration, and work on art. Art Studio is a place for practicing artists to hone their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, and collaborate with other artists like themselves.

No experience is necessary.

*Costs to cover materials may be required

Student Eagle

Tennessee Student Eagle is an organization sponsored by Tennessee Eagle Forum composed of like-minded teenage students who share conservative interests. This program trains students ages 12 and up to be knowledgeable, independent thinkers to face the current social and political environment. Student eagle meets monthly with Frances Arthur, the TN Student Eagle Director, to discuss an issue or current event. The students determine which topics to discuss in advance.  Our students also track one piece of legislation through the committee process each session. They are also taught how to lobby the bill through emails, phone calls, and visits with legislators.

During the General Assembly session, our teens have the opportunity to shadow state legislators for a day at the TN State Capitol. They attend committee meetings, hear from the constituents, and may even get to hear debates on the house and senate floors.

Frances has taught high school, middle school, and elementary school in public, homeschool, and homeschool cooperative settings over the last 30 years. As a lifelong learner, she has developed a skill set that allows her to effectively teach government, politics, economics, and American and world history. She frequently serves as a judge for local speech and debate tournaments. Involved with so many worthy endeavors, Frances says that her favorite volunteer work is serving with Tennessee Eagle Forum as the Student Eagle Director, teaching high school students across the state how to participate in their government effectively. Frances has served in this role since 2011.

*Donation to help cover travel costs for Frances is appreciated.

Science Club

Science Club is the place for elementary and middle school-age students who are interested in science to participate in fun science experiments and projects. Science Club offers hands-on experience with various disciplines in science.
Science Club is a great place to make new friends while learning. You can explore your interests in science and expand your knowledge while having fun. We plan to have the students explore a different science topic in each meeting in a fun, relaxed environment. The meeting’s topic will be decided by the students.

*Costs to cover materials may be required.

Speech Club

Speech Club is for students ages 12 and up who want to develop the skills necessary to think critically and communicate effectively.
Speech Club is intended to be fun and encouraging with lots of opportunities for public speaking practice. Competition is optional but encouraged and fun.

*Speech Club will be student-led with a parent supervisor present.
*Students will figure out the financial needs of the group.

Aquarium Club

Beginner to expert students are welcome. You will learn how to set up, care for, customize, and maintain your aquarium. Learn what types of aquatic plants you can use in your aquarium. We will teach you how to feed, care for, and breed your fish. We will also talk about different types of displays and stands for your aquariums.

Game Time Unplugged

Game Time is a time for students to unplug, get together, and have fun playing their favorite board and card games together.
This is a great time to meet and interact with like-minded people.


Bible Club

Bible Club is for Elementary and Middle School students to learn more about the Bible.

Starting in January 2023

Hebrew Class

Hebrew Class is for Adults and High School students interested in learning Hebrew. 

Starting in January 2023