Hybrid School Support

Do you run a Pod-type school, Co-op, or other homeschool organization?

At AliYah Academy, we believe in the power of the pod, co-op, and homeschooling approach and strive to create a revolution in education. Let us help you take the legal load off your organization so that you can focus on helping your families. We ensure that your families are compliant with all legal requirements and have any extra guidance they need. We also offer an admin account for you that helps you or your families to easily add records and we are here to offer you any guidance in starting or running your pod, co-op, or organization. Let us come alongside you to support your goals. Thank you for your passion to serve the homeschool community. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your group.

The Benefits of Partnering with AliYah Academy:
  • Ensure your families are compliant with all legal requirements
  • Streamline Record Keeping
  • Extra support for families
  • Admin accounts available
  • Guidance in operating your homeschool organization
  • Your Organization will be listed on our AliYah Academy Partnership page!

Hybrid Admin Partnership: Have your Organization featured with Logo on the AliYah Academy Partnership page and an admin account to help your families with record keeping and guidance for operating your pod school, co-op, or organization.

Call the Homeschool Resource Center for more information.