Private / Hybrid Homeschool Classes

  • Classes are always from a Biblical worldview.
  • We are Bible-based, non-denominational.
  • The focus is on education and a love for learning.
  • Goals for our students are academic growth and accomplishment.
  • Advancement is based on a combination of ability and age.
  • Individual evaluations are used to determine advancement.
  • We do not rely on tests only; they are used as a tool to help evaluate.

Classes run August-May, Monday-Thursday between 9 am-2 pm.

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Middle School

Middle school classes are 2 days a week, Monday-Thursday from 9-2 with a lunch break.

Students should bring lunch each day. Students are required to dress and behave appropriately for learning. Details will be provided in orientation and in the handbook. All subjects will be from a biblical worldview. We are non-denominational and understand there are many differing views among denominations. It is our goal to support families and we will encourage students to have discussions with and listen to their parents. 

Age range 11-14

Qualification: Student should be able to read chapter books independently and answer comprehension questions both written and verbal; write an organized paragraph and pass a min. of Beta test from Math U See.

Covering: English Language Arts; Math through Pre-Algebra; Science including Physical, Life, and Earth sciences from a biblical worldview; Social Studies to include a US Constitution study; logic; art and art appreciation. 

Objectives: To build stamina and independence in learning and assignments, develop critical thinking skills to be applied to all subjects, and strengthen the foundation and develop skills necessary to be successful in high school. 

Our small class sizes and flexible curriculum choices allow us to tailor lessons to the needs of each child. It is our goal in these middle years to make sure each student is as ready as they can be for the demands of high school, where they will need a good foundation of basic knowledge, good time management, and good study skills. A student entering high school should be an independent learner that is responsible for their own learning. Our goal in middle school is to encourage a love for learning by providing both engaging and challenging lessons that will spark the independence needed in high school and throughout life.

We will use a variety of resources and have the flexibility to add to our curriculum if we see a student is lacking in a skill. A few of the main resources we will use are listed below but are subject to change. 


Institute for Excellence in Writing (US or World History theme writing) 

Handwriting for middle school, The Good and the Beautiful (also incorporates geography) 

Apples: spelling drills for secondary students (Reinforce spelling rules and patterns) 


Math U See (based on the student’s placement test) 

Jones Genius: Fact Masters (uses mnemonic devices to master mental math) 


The Good and the Beautiful studies in Physical, Life, and Earth science 

Masterbooks supplement Creation Science studies 

Many hands-on experiments and demonstrations 

Social Studies: 

US Constitution and American Foundation studies with The Good and The Beautiful, Constitution study; the 1776 project from Hillsdale College; and Wall Builders resources.

Literature and writing will, in most cases, be based around US and World History with stories and original documents discussed. 

Logic: The Fallacy Detective 

Art and Art Appreciation will be hands-on projects based on an artist, time period, or artistic element. 

Come into the school to register for classes.

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